Welcome to SAM Labs’ Warranty & Replacement Portal

If you experience issues with your blocks, SAM Labs is committed to making it right. If you find that you have received any defective blocks, we will gladly replace them with brand new replacement blocks so that your kiddos don't miss another second of valuable coding time. You may request replacement blocks for any defective blocks from one of our eligible kits* within 12 months of purchase, providing they were purchased from a verified SAM Labs partner. If you experience any issues or have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at support@samlabs.com. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Before submitting, we would strongly recommend you consult our troubleshooting page on how to quickly reset our blocks (this usually solves most issues!)

Please note: If a SAM Labs kit was gifted to you, SAM Labs may contact you to verify sources of purchase.
*Kits not eligible for replacements:
Science Museum Kit, Inventor kit, SMART Maker kit, SMART Classroom kit, Family kit

Many thanks

The SAM Labs Team


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